Success Stories

It really is great to be the first business in the area to have a defibrillator available for my staff and the local community. I would urge local businesses and the community to become involved in raising funds to house further AEDs and increase survival rates for Sudden Cardiac Arrests.

Kyle Raffo, Managing Director
  1. Hazel Slade Primary School

    Hazel Slade-2
    Hazel Slade Primary School was one of our most successful campaigns to date. The school managed to fundraise for the full amount needed for an AED and 24/7 public access external cabinet within just 8 days of their campaign beginning.

    By utilising the will of their entire community, Hazel Slade were able to fully fundraise for their own AED quickly and easily, as well as raising awareness of such a vital cause. Using our crowdfunding platform, they were able to allow the entire community to access the campaign and donate towards it if they wanted to. Our online crowdfunding platform alone managed to accumulate £1,267 of the final sum.

    The pupils of the school then took donations at a local supermarket, as well as holding other fundraising events throughout the community. This not only raised funds for the campaign, but also allowed the campaign to be broadcast to the entire community, therefore raising vital awareness.

    Speaking to Hazel Slade’s local newspaper following their AED press release, Head Teacher, Mrs Brealey said:

    “£2,027 was raised within 8 days, of which £1, 267 was privately funded both locally and nationally. The remaining funds were generated from two school fundraising activities. It has been so marvellous to see the whole community get behind this worthwhile project. Working with AEDdonate, the process was simple, easy and fun. 8 days after the start of the campaign, we received our defibrillator.”

  2. St. Dominic's Primary School

    St. Dom'sIn the case of St. Dominic’s Primary School, we were able to help out an existing campaign by providing them with their AED, the means to fundraise for it, and also a donator in the form of local business.

    The school had been looking at getting itself an AED for a long while, but did not have the necessary funds to buy, or the means to fundraise for one.

    We contacted local family-run printing business Panda Press to enquire about funding for the AED. Panda Press is located across the road from the school itself, and were more than happy to support St. Dominic’s Campaign. With the help of local business, St. Dominic’s were able to fully fund their AED and have it installed in the building for use during school hours, all within a very short period of time.

    Speaking to St. Dominic’s local newspaper, Head Teacher, Mrs Devine, said:

    “We have wanted a defibrillator for a long time now, and I really am very grateful for the very kind donation from Panda Press in Stone, and to AEDdonate for making this possible”

  3. Christ Church First School

    Christ Church

    Christ Church First School fundraised for both an AED and external cabinet, and using our crowdfunding platform, reached their target quickly and easily.

    Thanks to the will of their community, they were able to see their AED installed in less than a fortnight, complete with full training and everything they needed to become heartsafe.

    By utilising the external cabinet, their AED is able to be fully accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows the community to be aa covered as possible in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

    Speaking to Christ Church’s local newspaper, Head Teacher, Mr Neale Chesters, said:

    “Our new defibrillator will help not only our school, but also our community to be covered in the tragic event of sudden cardiac arrest. Thank you to AEDdonate for helping us to install this vital piece of medical equipment.”

  4. Charity Beer- Stone Revival


    In August of 2015, AEDdonate started working closely with local brewery Lymestone to produce our own charity beer, “Stone Revival”.

    At AEDdonate, we work with many different pubs up and down the country- so it made sense that we could give them a way to help their fundraising grow as easily as possible.

    By creating our own charity beer, we are able to offer either bottles or casks as an option to aid fundraising to venues that sell alcohol. The prices can be set to whatever the venue would like them to be, and a
    ll proceeds of the beer will go directly towards helping their project. As we are working directly with Lymestone Brewery, we are able to produce the beer at trade costs- allowing our campaigns to set their own preferred price for the beer, and put any margin towards their campaign.

    The image in the beer’s label, which shows Stone’s Market Square, was created by local artist Emma Joustra. Emma very kindly donated her artwork for our charity beer, which is the centerpiece of our label.

    Jamie Richards, CEO of AEDdonate, said: “We designed the label and Emma created the image. We wanted it to be something associated with our home town of Stone. She gave us the image for free, we are very grateful. A lot of our fundraising comes from pubs because they are usually the community hub, and we are hoping this will help to make it even easier to fundraise”

  5. Stone High Street Vandalism


    During September of 2015, the defibrillator on our local high street was vandalised. The cabinet had been broken inwards, and was bent out of shape and beyond repair. Unfortunately, after a full police investigation, we were unable to source the culprit(s). Finding the criminal was not our top priority, as we felt it was more important to get the AED back onto the high street. It would have been nice to help the criminal to understand how much devastation they might have caused by rendering the unit unavailable, and hopefully prevent anything like this from happening again. Thankfully, however, the AED that was inside the cabinet was

    untouched by the vandalism and remained inside the broken cabinet, fully functioning.

    The AED was removed and placed within the high street supermarket that the cabinet was attached to. Sadly, this meant that the AED could only be accessed during store hours, 7am-8pm, as appose to being accessible 24/7.

    We posted the story onto our social media pages and received a fantastic response from our community. Within a matter of hours, the post had been shared hundreds of times and viewed by tens of thousands of people within our community. Thanks to the fantastic response, we were able to source a replacement box quickly and have the AED 24 hour rescue-ready within a matter of weeks.

    By the end of the first week, the post had been shared 386 times, and viewed by upwards of 30,000 people. It is thanks to the will of the community that the AED was rectified so quickly.

    We thank everyone for their fantastic response to the incident and hope that this appeal helps people to recognise just how valued this piece of life-saving equipment is within our community, and hopefully prevent anything from happening again.

I am really pleased that Mercedes-Benz of Stafford has been able to support this project. Until speaking to AEDdonate I didn’t realise that sudden cardiac arrest was such a big killer in the UK.

Bill Bennett - Mercedes-Benz Stafford

We are delighted to be able to donate a defibrillator to St Dominic’s especially after they have been looking to get a defibrillator for some time now, I’m glad that we have been able to help.

Hannah Tunnicliffe - Panda Press

The 300 defibrillators we currently have in Staffordshire are a small amount of what we should have and I highly recommend that businesses and communities donate to help get these public defibrillators installed in the streets and inside shops.

Jeremy Lefroy - Stafford MP

We have wanted a defibrillator for a long time now, I really am grateful for the very kind donation from Panda Press in Stone.

Mrs Devine - Headteacher