At AEDdonate we love a challenge and enjoy making ideas a reality. When Ginny Gibson from Croxden Parish Council contacted us about placing a defibrillator in Croxden village we thought it would be a standard site visit and straight forward install. The village is steeped in history and is home to the Croxden Abbey. The abbey now lies in ruins and the existing structures date back to the 12th century when the abbey was home to 70 Cistercian Monks at its peak. The remains are beautiful and need to be seen in person to appreciate the what is left of the history. 


So, as you can probably imagine we were dealing with quite a unique home for this defibrillator and needed to follow some very strict guidelines. The team worked with English Heritage to ensure the site wasn't compromised by us or the rules. The defibrillator is now located on the end of building that is easily accessible to everyone 24/7 and we hope in the future it will also form part of the history of Croxden.


Jamie Richards CEO AEDdonate said " It's great to see this site equipped with a defibrillator and it should serve as evidence that no site is out of bounds. A cardiac arrest can happen anywhere at anytime"

Thank you to everyone involved