Aynsley Insurance Defibrillator Campaign

Posted: 20/11/2017 04:20:28 PM

Following on from our first Charity Ball, Aynsley Insurance has decided to become a Community Champion and help raise funds for defibrillators in Hanley and the local community.


100,000 people a year die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). It is the UK’s biggest killer, killing both adults and children. By making defibrillators accessible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this figure can be reduced. Defibrillation within the first 3 minutes of an SCA can increase a patient’s chance of survival by upwards of 80%.


If you would like to help Aynsley Insurance make Hanley and the local community more heart safe then you can donate using this page.


If you would like to become a Community Champion yourself and help make this life saving piece of equipment available to the residents of your local community then please contact us at AEDdonate by phone on 01785 472224 or by email on c.rigg@aeddonate.org.uk. We will help you with all of the fundraising resources you need and also contact people on your behalf, asking them to donate to your campaign.


Please help to make your community heart safe today!

Aynsley Insurance Defibrillator Campaign